Wild wild west review

wild wild west review

'' Wild Wild West '' is hard to categorize, a quality not to be confused with originality. It begins on a James Bond note despite its post-Civil War. Western action-comedy set in bordello; lots of gunfire. Read Common Sense Media's Wild Wild West review, age rating, and parents guide. Review: Hi-Tech Action Adventure set in Wild West - At the peak of the craze (), television was virtually inundated with 'secret agent' series. This he attempts to do by creating a giant mechanized spider which is, obviously, a last ditch, desperate attempt on the part of the filmmakers to fulfill the seemingly insatiable demands of the modern audience to be dazzled by impressive special effects, no matter how inappropriate they appear in context. The acting, the story and directing. The time and the place dictate that James West be a white male -- unless, the filmmakers acknowledge and embrace the incongruity and use it for a real purpose. Get age-based movie reviews, app recommendations, and more for your kids. It is not unusual to see a trailer that is better than the movie, but in this case the music video is brighter, wittier, and more exciting than the movie. Jim and Artie should just BE. He's just kind of spilling through the Oscar phase the rest of this year, and then you'll see him full on paycheck mode. The bad guy, Dr. Based on the campy s TV show, WILD WILD WEST follows the adventures of Civil War era secret agent James West Will Smith and his sidekick Artemus Gordon Kevin Kline , a master of disguise and technology. There's no point to wondering where Dr. We reveal the best-reviewed films from the first half of All those great films came out, and THIS, THIS was the most expensive film of the lot. When West turns up on the roof of Gordon's private train car, for instance, there is a gizmo to catapult him into an armchair so that Gordon can say: The Mission Impossible franchise has the same problem. Not everything Will Smith does is funny. Because that was a terrible fucking movie it's actually being made into a television series now. They have the talent. It is not clear if having Smith play James West as a cocky, street smart, John Shaft-style character was intended to be a joke, social commentary or just absurd politically correct pandering to black audiences, but it is clear that it does not work.

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Wild Wild West -- Movie Review #JPMN Lots of laughs, lots of fisticuffs, lots of cool toys, lots of stuff getting blown up: The rig works in opposition to the first law of motion, but never mind: Jim ThomasJohn ThomasGeschwindigkeit kugel S. Remember in http://www.sprudio.net/addictions.html Girl" when Ben Affleck's character torpedoed wettburo koln career when he said Will Smith sucked and he would never be heard anna karenina online schauen again? The cinematography is also without color, and the catering probably sucked. The time when Hollywood trots out it's worst of casino hamburg esplanade summer. June 17, Rating: wild wild west review Either way, it's exasperating. Smith is made to watch the fledermausspiele through a knothole, while continuing to make automatic mid-air smooching movements with his lips--as if he doesn't realize he's not still kissing the woman. Many characters are prostitutes and there are discussions of caesars casino dresden much their services cost and whether prostitutes are allowed to refuse a customer. Sonnenfeld really isn't a good director, and he's made more bad films than good one. Parent of a 14 and 15 year old Written by LadyD2U Casino naumburg 24,

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